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Frequently asked

where are you located?

We are located in Atlanta, Georgia, but we also love to travel! Wherever you are getting married, we will be there.

What is included in your packages?

Our base collection includes two filmmakers, up to ten hours of wedding day coverage, a 5-7 minute highlight film, and a 60 second teaser film. We also have plenty of additional edits and services available as add-on options including a 20-30 minute highlight film, full ceremony film, full toasts edit, full formal dances edit, rehearsal dinner film, and drone coverage. To receive a full list of collection pricing, fill out our contact form here.

what is a highlight film?

The highlight film is the main product of our services. It’s what we imagine you will sit down and watch years from now to look back on your wedding day. The 5-7 minute highlight film is designed to include all of the most important moments and tell your unique story. We put the utmost care into selecting the most memorable and significant moments to craft this film into an emotional retelling of your entire day. You can watch examples of our past couples’ highlight films here.

what is a teaser film?

A teaser film is the first look back on your wedding day that you will receive from us. We love crafting these films for our couples because it allows us to get something into your hands quickly while we work on your full highlight film. The 60 second teaser film is designed to combine all of the most dynamic shots and moments into a stylishly edited film that is perfect for sharing on social media with your friends and family. You can watch examples of our past couples’ teaser films here.

Do you offer raw footage?

No, as a company policy, we do not offer raw footage. The extended film has been designed as an alternative to raw footage in order to present a more polished, complete retelling of your day.

Why is this? Because raw footage is exactly what it sounds is raw. What you get when you ask for raw footage is a random assortment of clips. With several cameras, these may be hundreds of out of order, short clips that have not been edited for color and do not have the audio from different microphones synced up. You may have to spend wasted time clicking through folders and files to find the moment that you want, and these assortments of clips do not form the bigger picture of your wedding day.

We strongly believe that you deserve so much more than raw footage to look back on your wedding day, which is why we designed the extended film option. With the extended film, we will take all of those little clips from the entire day and edit them in chronological order with professional color grading and audio. This 20-30 minute film is the perfect way to look back on your whole wedding day and all of those little moments with your loved ones.

how do you choose music?

We take the music selection for each of our films very seriously, as it is what sets the pace and tone of the film. We strive to select music that perfectly fits you and your partner’s personalities, the vibe of the day, and your story. Before the wedding, we will discuss your likes and dislikes of different music genres and styles and how you envision the feel of your wedding films.

We license all of our songs through to ensure proper legal licensing. It is illegal to use any song without first purchasing a license. For this reason, we cannot use most mainstream music or any song that we can not find a license for.

how long will it take to receive our films?

Our turnaround time varies depending on what edits and add-ons you select. You will receive your teaser film within 1-2 weeks after the wedding. Your highlight film will be completed within three months after the wedding, and if you order an extended film, full ceremony film, or any other add-ons, you will receive all of your edited videos within 4 months at most.

how much will it cost for you to film our wedding?

Our base collection for weddings local to Atlanta, Georgia starts at $7500, and our average couple spends $9000. Travel and destination pricing vary by location. Check out our services page for more information on elopement videography and multi-day wedding collections, and fill out our contact form to receive a full pricing list.

Will your prices be the same next month or next year?

Our prices change periodically to keep up with the rise in demand, so we cannot guarantee that our pricing will remain the same in the future. We only take on a limited number of weddings per year, so make sure to reach out soon to lock in our current pricing.